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Transport law

International shipment of goods requires compliance with many European / International Regulations and current economic and political climate in Europe and worldwide makes it difficult for the Consignor and Consignees to ensure compliance with all the provisions. Legal awareness in this complex area of law, implementation of the right producers and compliance with the regulations can save the business not only the distress, expenses and losses that are the natural consequence of their goods or vehicles being seized by the UK Border Force, but also can limit the possibility of it happening again in the future.

Within years of acting for our clients in matters involving seizures of vehicles and/or goods we have seen businesses struggling greatly to survive or to minimise the impact of the incident on their companies.

We provide advice and assistance in:
  • Drafting appropriate legal documents/policies
  • Advising in respect of current applicable legislation relating to international shipment of goods
  • Drafting applications for restoration and/or challenging legality of the seizure 
  • Negotiations with UKBA and/or challenging their decisions in respect of clandestine entrants cases
  • Representation before Courts and Tribunals within the jurisdiction of England and Wales in cases involving appeals from the Border Force decisions
  • Negotiating with Border Force in cases involving compensation to Clients that had their goods and/or vehicles seized and disposed off
  • Negotiating with Consignees in respect of any claims relating to breach of contracts and failed deliveries
We represent and advise businesses as well as individuals in various cases relating to the transportation of goods and it is crucial that anyone who had their goods and /or vehicle seized obtains legal advice and representation immediately.  It is also important that the initial correspondence and information exchanged with the Border Force is drafted by a specialist with knowledge and experience in this complex area of law so as to ensure that the clients have got the best possible chances for restoration without issuing of court proceedings. 

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