Help With Fees

You may be able to get help with your legal fees through a special personal loan called Legal Fees Funding.

At IMD Solicitors we continuously monitor other solicitor’s charges to ensure our fees remain extremely competitive. Despite this however, high quality legal advice does not come cheap and we recognise that paying your solicitor’s fees can be a challenge.

Clients may adopt one of a number of methods to pay their legal fees including: utilising savings and income, relying on an existing home insurance policy or borrowing from family and friends. But where these are not an option, you may consider taking out a loan.

Legal Fees Funding

This is where Legal Fees Funding can help. This is a short-term loan that allows people undertaking legal proceedings to borrow money over a period and repay the sum in manageable monthly instalments. There are a number of providers of legal fees funding in the UK that specialise in providing loans to fund such litigation, one of which is Security Trust Finance.

Security Trust Finance Application Form

Please note that we are not a credit broker and do not claim to be acting as one. We are simply informing you that legal costs finance may be available through SecurityTrust Finance. However, we are not referring to SecurityTrust Finance or in any way encourage you to use their services.

We understand that SecurityTrust Finance is a credit broker. There may be many forms of funding available to you, such as utilising the services of other credit brokers, loans from your bank, credit cards, insurance or even crowdfunding.

We would advise that you fully explore all the options available to you and compare terms and interest rates before committing to any particular finance. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise you on the best financing option.

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