EEA Family Permit

The above documents makes it possible for non EEA family members of the EEA nationals to travel or join them in the UK. They are issued in advance of the journey and are free of charge and valid for 6 months. If the non-EEA family member of an EEA national continues to meet the EEA Regulations they would not “overstay” simply because of the expiry of their permit.

An application can be made by a direct family member, extended family member, partner if it is proven that there is a durable relationship.

Direct Family members
  • Spouse
  • Civil partner
  • Child or grandchild under 21 or dependent child or grandchild of any age ( of the EEA citizen or their spouse or civil partner)
  • Dependent parent or grandparent ( of the EEA citizen or their spouse or civil partner)
Extended Family members

An application can be made by brother, sister, aunt, uncle but dependency must be shown.

An application can also be made by an unmarried partner if durable, lasting relationship can be proven.

If you require advice on whether you are eligible to make an application for EEA Family permit or whether you can stay in the UK after your permit expires please contact IMD Solicitors and one of our advisors will be able to help you.

Funding Your Case

Please note that our firm does not offer services under legal aid. We choose to offer an experienced, bespoke and personal service to our clients. Our pricing is set out below:

Consultation: To assess prospects and review of refusal/documents/decisions

Preparation of application and sending to Home Office up to conclusion or first refusal

£250 + VAT
(amount will be deducted from the fee below if you instruct us to make an application)£500 + VAT standard hourly rates apply
(does not include Home Office fees) Because it is difficult to assess the total fee or provide an estimate without knowing more information about the individual circumstances, it is also difficult to asses the amount of work that will be involved in preparing of the application, advising, ensuring all necessary evidence is gathered, we therefore will be able to advise in more detail about the fee once we are familiar with the relevant background information. We may also be able to offer a fixed fee but this will be discussed during the initial consultation.


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